What is Tarasol?

Tarasol is a correspondence management system from ISB that helps government and public sector entities achieve their digital transformation plans and thrive in a paperless world.

Why Tarasol?

Unlimited Customizability

As well as common official communications types like mail, letters, memos and circulars, Tarasol allows you to create your own correspondence templates with fully customizable metadata and workflows.

Task Management

Easily assign tasks, delegate or escalate them and receive notifications about their status. Tarasol supports task reminders and provides each user a clean workspace that shows all items that require their action.

Streamlined Processes

Automate document routing, review and approve through customizable workflows that map your existing organizational structure, roles and processes.

Secure Archiving

All your correspondence is archived in a central secure repository with advanced search and fast retrieval.

Reporting and Analytics

Customizable dashboards and analytical reports that enable you to access performance and measure success.

Scalable and Intuitive

Tarasol is Web-based and built on a highly-scalable architecture, and has a simplified and intuitive multilingual user interface.